Two Critical Behaviors to Promote a Culture of Accountability

Article Written By Melissa Cook

This month we are keeping it simple, by sharing with you two critical behaviors you should be demonstrating as leaders of your business to promote the culture you deserve and need if you are going to effectively enhance the risk management for your employment practices.

Number One – As a leader or member of management, you must, always, demonstrate the actions and behavioral norms you expect from the rest of the workforce.  Lead by example and be transparent with owning your mistakes or errors and demonstrate adjusting your behavior to hold yourself accountable to the expectations of the business, the workforce, and the business community.

Number Two – Equally important is the need to ensure your management team is consistent when holding staff accountable for their performance, conduct, and behavior.  Bias and a demonstration of favoritism are a recipe for disaster and could ultimately lead to complaints or even litigation.  Avoid these challenges by making sure your practices are consistent, non-discriminatory, and fair to everyone.