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Human Resource Training Programs

The most effective method to ensure your workforce protects your business is to provide them the tools, resources, and support they need to be successful. Embedded in the concept of tools is training, both initial training when the employee is hired, and refresher training as practices and regulatory obligations change over time. Your business will experience a variety of risks and liabilities the moment you begin hiring a workforce. To counter these risks you must proactively educate and train your managers and supervisors on compliant employment practices so they can be effective people leaders. The result of the training is more effective managers and supervisors, and more effective and compliant employment practices.

Below are some of the training programs SymbianceHR offers to our clients. If you would like to discuss delivering any of these training programs in your business please contact us today by calling Jennifer Cook, COO, at 888.343.7340 or by email at

We customize your training program to meet the specific and unique needs of your organization. For example, we can develop specialized training for: employment practices, process excellence, leadership coaching and mentoring, effective communication and conflict management, and more. Call or email us today for a free consultation to discuss your specific business goals.


This training will educate and inform your management and supervisors on best practices and strategies to minimize risk and liability in your employment practices. Often referred to as Manager and the Law training, we develop an interactive session that engages your people leaders and promotes a more holistic perspective in how they carry out their duties and responsibilities in your business. We cover the entire employee life cycle and the employment risks at each stage that will improve your human resource management of the workforce and equip your managers and supervisor with the knowledge they need to be successful people leaders.


HR Practitioners work diligently each day to perform a wide range of tactical and strategic activities to support their employer. Leadership can often struggle with recognizing the impact or value of the HR practitioner’s contributions. Is leadership to blame for this perspective? It is time to reinvent your value proposition for your organization and leadership by learning how all the tactical and strategic activities you perform directly impact the success of the business.

This training will help you understand how to develop and effectively articulate the ROI of HR for your business, strengthening your engagement with leadership and opportunity to become a more influential member of the organization.


One of the most significant risks to a business is the exposure created by hiring managers and staff involved in the recruitment process, specifically interviewing. This training provides clear and practical guidance on the do’s and don’ts of interviewing, strategies on the recruitment process, techniques for behavioral interviewing, and outlines the compliance risks and how to avoid them. Any employee of your workforce involved in the recruitment, selection, and hiring process should attend this training to minimize your risk and liability, and enhance the capabilities of your recruitment efforts.


If you are planning for that first hire, or growing your business by increasing the workforce, you will want to develop an appropriate strategy to attract, hire, deploy and develop new employees into your next superstars. Assessing the business needs appropriately is critical to hiring good people. Providing adequate orientation and onboarding will enhance cultural and organizational learning to support the vision and mission of the business. Assigning the right individuals to the right roles and training them for success can make or break your future. Do you provide these new employees the right tools, resources, and support to be successful? This workshop will help sole proprietors exploring the hiring of additional staff, and existing businesses looking to expand their workforce, in establishing a consistent strategic program to plan for the growth, perform the recruitment, orientation, and onboarding, and increase effectiveness of the deployment and training of their staff. You will master techniques and strategies to take good employees and make them great!


Whether or not your workforce is diverse, inclusive, or both may depend on who you ask? A challenge is ever present in achieving a common understanding of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We will dispel various myths and misconceptions. The audience will learn about the historical and trending perspectives of diversity and inclusion and why awareness of the shift is important to the success of the business. The workforce is evolving, and a new generation of workers are demanding organizational transformation. At all levels of the organization Business and Human Resource Professionals must understand what inclusion is and how an inclusive culture positively impacts ROI, engagement, loyalty, and retention. This session will challenge the audience to alter their views and perspective of diversity and inclusion and motivate everyone to consider being a champion of change to enhance ROI of these types of initiatives.

• Attendees will have a clear understand contrasting characteristics of Diversity, Affirmative Action, and Inclusion.
• Attendees will gain insight into current trends and learn practical strategies that can be implemented in their respective organizations.
• Attendees will be able to articulate how an inclusive culture can directly benefit ROI, engagement, loyalty and retention.


This training is designed for your people leaders to produce a more effective and engaging performance management program at your company. Topics include an overview of performance management, a review of how expectations are set, discussion on conducting crucial conversations, strategy and tips on listening, receiving feedback, and managing up. This interactive training also describes the ROI of an effective performance management program, and engages the audience with thought provoking questions and activities.


This training is designed to inform and transfer the knowledge of harassment prevention to both supervisors and employees to ensure comprehensive training is provided to the workforce and enhance compliance initiatives. Supervisors and employees will learn the facts about the different types of actions and behaviors in the workplace that are illegal and unprofessional, and what the difference is. They will be informed as to what rises to the level of illegal behavior, and what behaviors and actions are merely unacceptable and a violation of company policy.

This training is appropriate for all employees and supervisors of an organization, and should be established as a mandatory training for all new hires. Designed to be delivered to employees at all levels, this training is easily transferred into an annual refresher training to ensure continued compliance and to promulgate a workplace free of harassment and unacceptable behaviors. The learning outcome is to provide a solid foundation for individuals and supervisors in the legal and organizational expectations related to harassment prevention and reporting in the workplace. Further, this training allows the employer to clearly define the responsibilities and obligations of employees and supervisors when they become aware of or observe these behaviors in the workplace. Attendees will gain insight, knowledge, and strategies to implement and execute a compliant harassment prevention program that enhances morale and professional communication in the workplace while minimizing exposure and risk to litigation. This training also provides a post quiz to measure effectiveness of learning outcomes and for documentation and record keeping of employee training.


Perhaps you are a sole proprietor and need to build a competitive edge, or after hiring great people and training your workforce, you can’t help but wonder what else you need to focus on to ensure your business is competitive, profitable, reputable, and an employer of choice by the community. There is a two-part answer to that question. First, you need to develop and maintain a business culture that meets the needs of your organization and the workforce. Second, you need to create an environment that is engaging and embraces your greatest asset, your employees. This workshop will define corporate culture for you and enlighten you on the various aspects of corporate culture that you can directly influence to achieve your goals. To build a corporate culture successfully you also need to understand the process of employee engagement, and this workshop will inform you of various programs you can implement to establish and improve employee engagement for your company.

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