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Summer Safety Tips

We would like to offer the following summer safety tips for you and your family.  As we in the Delaware area are finally experiencing warmer weather and consistent sun and heat, it is important to remember that with every season comes risks to our health.  Everything in moderation and be aware and alert to avoid undesirable consequences.

  • Wear sunscreen, and avoid sun burn whenever possible. It doesn’t have to be a clear day for your exposed skin to burn, ultraviolet rays between 10:00 am and 4:00 pm can be the most damaging.  If you burn, treat your sunburn with lotions to moisturize.
  • Protect yourself from poisonous plants like poison ivy, poison oak, poison sumac, and other forms of dangerous plants that can cause rashes and other allergic reactions. This link provides information on some of these dangerous plants.
  • Hydrate every 20-25 minutes to ensure you avoid dehydration. When very active outdoors in the heat, add sports beverages to your mix of fluid intake to ensure you add electrolytes back into your system.
  • Be cautious of bug bites and stings. Perfumes, soaps, hairsprays, and other chemicals could attract bugs and insects to your body.  Not only are stings and bites dangerous, but ticks can be harmful (carrying Lyme Disease) and mosquitoes (carrying West Nile Virus).  Try to use bug spray that has DEET, as the chemical is effective in warding off ticks and mosquitoes.
  • Use the buddy system whenever swimming, especially for your children.  It is not about if an accident will happen, but when.  Be prepared and having someone with you while swimming increases your chances of survival when an accident happens.