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Talent Acquisition Solutions

Talent Acquisition is a critical human resource function of your business.  Hiring the best talent is both challenging and time consuming.  A bad hire can cost you up to 30% or more of the annual compensation for the position, and the time and resources necessary to execute a compliant, efficient, and effective talent acquisition program is significant in any organization.

SymbianceHR offers several solutions to help you maximize your time, save financial resources, improve compliance, and enhance the quality of hire for your business.  Our goal is to allow your team to focus on the products and services of your business, while our team focuses on the attraction, identification, selection, and hiring of new talent.

We delivery excellence in talent acquisition through the following services available to you.

Talent Acquisition Management

The time it takes to seek and acquire talent is an administrative nightmare. It can easily consume hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars just to review applicants, qualify and screen, interview, and hire a team member who hopefully ends up being the right fit. We meet with the hiring manager to learn all the critical factors that produce a successful hire at your company.

Our Talent Acquisition Management solution allows us to manage the entire process on your behalf leveraging your career posting outlets and tools to handle the critical and time consuming work for you. This includes development of the job posting, posting the position, screening all applicant submissions and qualifying them against the minimum qualifications of the position.
We perform a first round behavioral interview determining the fit for the position and culture of you company based on experience, skills, competence, communication, and articulation of value. We coordinate and manage scheduling, provide interview notes and recommendations to the hiring manager, and facilitate onsite face to face panel interviews.

Once a selection is made, we facilitate presentation of a verbal offer, negotiate on your behalf based on criteria previously established, and secure acceptance. Once verbal acceptance is received, we prepare the contingent offer letter and initiate pre-employment screening such as background check and drug testing as desired or required for your company with your vendor or service provider.

Throughout the process, applicants are provided notices and communicated to regarding the posted position.

We even provide a one hour interview training for our clients to ensure they conduct themselves in a compliant manner to mitigate risk and liability during the talent acquisition process. If our client does not have an employment application (or ATS system) we provide a customized application for use during the process.

This is a comprehensive solution that saves our clients time and money and improves the quality of hire.

Outsourced Recruitment

SymbianceHR provides completely outsourced recruitment of talent for your business. This service allows our firm to utilize our resources, our network of professionals, and our sourcing tools, strategies, and technologies to identify talent for your organization.

Unlike many contingent staffing firms that seek to overwhelm you with resumes and throw volume at you hoping something sticks, SymbianceHR leverages our 20+ years of talent acquisition expertise to identify, screen, and qualify candidates that meet your expectations and can successfully perform the job you are hiring them for. The depth and breadth of screening and interviewing, as well as collaboration with the hiring manager to ensure we have clear expectations established, allow SymbianceHR to provide you top talent that you can hire easily and with peace of mind.

The fee for this service is a blend of initial retainer to launch the project and placement fee upon hiring a submitted candidate.

Contingent Labor - Temporary Staffing

SymbianceHR also provides temporary staffing solutions. This allows organizations who need to hire resources but cannot add staff to their business to accomplish their goals without the headache of adding headcount.

If you already identified the staff, we can hire them and place them with your business for a nominal fee.

If you require talent acquisition of temporary staff for a short or long term project, SymbianceHR can source the talent, and then provide you the resource for an agreed upon bill rate.

Whatever the staffing requirement is, we have a customized solution to fit your needs and your budget.

To learn more about any of these talent acquisition solutions, please contact Warren Cook, President and CEO of SymbianceHR at 302.276.3302 or email him at