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Talent Acquisition Programs

Every employer, regardless of size, has the goal of recruiting the perfect employees for their business or industry. Of course the definition of the term “perfect employees” can vary massively between employers.

No two employers have the same needs or requirements when it comes to recruitment of personnel. Since the employee base (Human Capital) of a business is by far one of its greatest assets, it makes sense that care should be exercised, thought should be initiated and time should be devoted to not just the selection of these assets, but also the process in which they are discovered, researched, interviewed and hired.

The workforce of a business can be a powerful tool to the success of that business, let our team assist in the assembly of that force.

Hiring-as-a-Service (HaaS)

The time it takes to seek and acquire talent is an administrative nightmare. It can easily consume hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars just to find, qualify, and hire a team member who hopefully ends up being the right fit.

Our personalized on-demand hiring service takes care of the entire process for you from smart sourcing, verifying and qualifying, to scheduling and more. We do all your hiring tasks, including any specific requests you may have, while keeping you in the loop.

Best of all, we save you an average of over $5,000 per hire versus using a recruiting firm while bringing peace of mind to your hiring process.

Talent Acquisition Compliance & Best Practices Audit

Comprehensive review, analysis, and audit of all talent acquisition processes, documentation, recordkeeping, and policies. At the conclusion of the audit the client is provided a report of identified gaps, compliance and employment practice risks, and recommended best practices to improve the success of your talent acquisition program.

Development of Talent Acquisition Program

Are you a small business looking to make that first hire? Has your workforce grown and you recognize that as you grow it is critical to put some structure in place to make sure your recruitment practices are compliant and mitigate any potential risk and liability? Do you face challenges in developing a recruitment strategy for key positions in your company? Exploring an Applicant Tracking System or HRIS technology and need guidance? Have you established effective processes to grow organically through organizational development and succession planning? Whatever your goals are in identifying, attracting, hiring, and promoting good talent we have the expertise and solutions to achieve your goals.