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Multi-Generational Collaboration

By Jennifer Cook, Chief Operations Officer

There are certain realities in life that we all must come to grips with as we move through our professional career.  The most basic is that no one is getting any younger ever, and this means your workforce is consistently and steadily aging.  Your most experienced members of the workforce have the greatest amount of intellectual capital about your business and the responsibilities they execute in their roles.  These members of your team are critical to sustainable success.

However, entering the workforce are often individuals from a different generation, including millennials, with a completely different view on life, business, culture, and the world around them.  It is critical to understand that each generation, both the mature workforce that has a wealth of expertise, and the younger generation with less industry or professional experience, come to work with an entirely different lens.

As an employer and speaking to the business owner or company leader reading this article, you face the challenge of bridging the gap between these generations in order to leverage the valuable opportunities afforded to you through empowering and supporting multi-generational collaboration.  To accomplish this, you must educate and train your mature workforce on effective knowledge transfer, inclusion, coaching, and mentoring.  Similarly, you must educate and train your new workforce members on inclusion, communicating ideas, building a business case, and effective listening.

If you are not presently taking strategic and proactive steps to maximize the incredible depth and breadth of innovation, creativity, and diversity of through across the entire spectrum of your workforce, you are missing an opportunity to sustain and expand your success as a leader and as a business.  You are encouraged to reach out to me to find out how we can provide you the strategic guidance and effective execution of creating multi-generational collaboration in your organization.  Call me at 302.276.3302 or email me at