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Leave Policies & State Law

Productivity of the workforce is a critical component of business success.  Managers have the responsibility to allocate available human resources to perform tasks and activities in the production and delivery of the products or services of the company.  A real obstacle and challenge to being successful in resource allocation is the gaps created due to employee absences, either planned or unplanned.  Historically, a business would have a vacation and sick leave policy, or perhaps amore progressive paid time off policy, and these policies were intended to accomplish two goals.  Provide a benefit to the employee and limit absences of the workforce.

The regulatory landscape is changing quickly, and business leaders must take note of these regulatory changes to leave laws that directly impact their workplace obligations, employment practices, and perhaps most critically their cash flow and budgets.

In recent weeks we have seen Maryland pass new mandatory sick leave regulations providing little time for businesses to adjust.  Laws also exist today in Arizona, California, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington, and Washington DC.

As business leaders, review your current leave policies, practices, and procedures to ensure both the employees and supervisors understand their rights and obligations.  Review and revise employee handbooks to align with new regulations and train the workforce.