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HR Support Program


When you have HR questions that need an answer now, where do you look? Perhaps the internet, colleagues, an attorney? This path may lead to inaccurate guidance or cost your business a significant amount of money. Getting the wrong guidance can turn a small problem into a major risk for your company. SymbianceHR has the solution for your business.

Our HR Support Program provides your organization the human resource subject matter expertise to establish and maintain compliant employment practices to protect and grow your business successfully while proactively managing your exposure and risk as an employer.

Our HR Support Program is a critical component in establishing a proactive strategy to anticipate and mitigate risk and exposure to employment practice liabilities that result from human resource related issues.

With this service you are no longer alone in determining the appropriate strategy or implementation of employment practices related decisions and personnel activities.  Obtain the guidance and expert advice you need quickly and easily by calling or emailing your Human Resource Consulting team.

HR Support Program provides your business the following services:

  • Unlimited telephone and email consultation on human resource related issues*
  • Talent Acquisition Guidance
  • Benefits Program Guidance
  • HR Policy Guidance
  • Corrective Action Guidance
  • Employment Law Regulatory Updates
  • Monthly HR Newsletter
  • HR Recordkeeping Guidance
  • Employment Practices / Cyber Liability Assessment**
  • Employee Cyber Security Readiness Check**
  • Full Research Tax Credit Calculation (Federal & State)**
  • Tax Review, Analysis, and Guidance**
  • Income Loss Gap Analysis**
  • 401(k) Review**
  • Self-Health Check and Awareness Workshop**
  • Business Marketing Consultation**
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System Audit**
  • Peace of Mind

To sign up for our comprehensive HR Support Program please contact Jennifer Cook, Chief Operations Officer today by calling 302.276.3302 or email

* Limited to client designated liaison and business owner.
** These services are provided by our Strategic Alliance Partners Licensed and/or Credentialed in these subject matters.