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How do I know if I need a customized solution versus the HR Support Program?

Our human capital management experts will work with you to perform a needs analysis to determine the scope of human resource management support your business needs. The HR Support Program provides guidance and advice to your designated members of management in support of their execution of employment practices. When more complex interaction and strategic consulting is necessary to achieve clients goals a customize solution will be presented. Generally a combination of the two services is most effective for our clients.

Do you have a set solution or product you provide your clients?

No. Your business and your needs are unique to you. Our experts spend time learning about your business, your goals, and uncovering the risks, gaps, and appropriate Human Resource Management strategies to achieve your goals. Solutions can range from outsourcing part or all of human resources to SymbianceHR, short and long term projects, interim onsite support, training programs, leadership coaching, compliance audits, process engineering, employee engagement initiatives, communication strategies, and much more.

How much does a customized consulting solution cost?

Every business and organization is unique, therefore the time and resources necessary to implement a customized solution depends on the needs of our client. All custom consulting engagements are quoted on a project basis, but we also provide monthly, daily, and hourly rates based on the needs of the client. A retainer is required for all consulting services.


Does this service allow all of our employees to call SymbianceHR?

No. The HR Supporter Program is an employer centric resource to mitigate compliance and employment practices risk. Only designated members of the client’s management team have this service available to them.

Through our customized consulting solutions you can outsource your HR Employee Hotline to SymbianceHR which would enable an employee to contact us for HR support. For more details contact us today.

Do you answer questions about benefits administration, taxes, or insurance?

In most cases the answer is no. We become your outsourced HR Advisor. Therefore, the human resource management support covers the majority of workforce management practices. However, benefits administration is more appropriately addressed by licensed benefits administrators who specialize in this functional area of employer benefits. We do not provide any tax advice. We will discuss with you what insurance coverage you have in place, and make appropriate recommendations to manage the employment practices risk for your business and provide benefits to your employees.

For example, we can discuss your desire to provide your workforce life, disability, supplement accident, long term care, and other health and welfare insurance benefits. We will guide you on what types of questions and concerns you should share with your insurance brokers and licensed agents, as well as what level of service you should be able to expect from them.

Is the service really unlimited telephone and email support?

Yes, for the designated members of management we will respond to all phone and email human resource management inquiries. If an inquiry or request warrants a more comprehensive solution we will discuss custom solutions that will achieve the clients goals.

How do you charge clients for this service?

This is a monthly subscription service that requires a one year commitment. Clients may choose to pay monthly or annually. This service is NOT billed on a per employee per month basis. This program is a flat monthly fee that does not increase at any time.


What type of businesses need to use this service?

Any organization with employees can benefit from an assessment of their current employment practices to understand if they are in compliance, if they have risk or exposure, and if there are gaps in best practices to achieve their workforce and business goals.

Generally, a start up business has yet to establish or execute many employment practices with the workforce, and do not benefit tremendously from this service. Therefore, we often gather adequate information for these size organizations during our free initial consultation to provide appropriate advice and guidance on next steps.

If you have employees, regardless of having HR Staff, you have employment practices (even if you don’t recognize you do). It is critical to protect your business from risk and liability, and this assessment provides that peace of mind of knowing where you are doing well, and where you can improve.

What does the assessment review?

This service includes a comprehensive review of your current employment practices beginning with your organizational structure and talent acquisition practices following the employee life cycle to compensation, corrective action, performance management, training and development through to separation. Learn more details about this solution by visiting our Customized Consulting Solutions section of our website.

What is the finished product?

Our clients who use this service receive a comprehensive report that provides current state compliance and business risks, the identification of gaps in compliance or employment practices, policy and procedure recommendations, and a Strategic Human Resources Roadmap for your business.

How much do you charge clients for this service?

For employers with less than 50 employees we charge $5,000 for this service. For employers over 50 and less than 100, we charge $7,500. For clients over 100 employees we provide a customized price based on the size and scope of their workforce and potential time required to perform this service appropriately.