Corrective Action – A Migration from Discipline Alone

Article Written By Jennifer Cook

It may be as simple as calling the programs and practices corrective action versus discipline, however we have observed a dramatic improvement in engagement and performance management when an organization understands the difference between the two.

Discipline always presents as punitive, and the term itself has a negative connotation.  Corrective action implies something will be improved to achieve success.  That is the goal, right, to help your employees be successful which in turn should improve the production and delivery of your products and services increasing revenue and hopefully profitability?

My advice to you is to take corrective action one step further and ensure that your first two steps of the corrective action process are coaching and mentoring with consistent communication to the employee.  Before moving to action that begins to slowly walk the employee out the door, I recommend taking the time to sit down with the employee and talk about the deficiencies so you can coach and mentor them back on the right track to success.  This might sound like additional steps, however if the result is a motivated, engaged, and productive employee it will be more than worth your time.