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Compliance for a business in relation to Human Resources can come in several forms, however it is an extremely important item for the business in all of its forms. A sampling of the areas pertaining to a business’s compliance are:

  • Recruitment, Hiring and Firing Practices
    (inclusive of advertising and interviewing)
  • Employee Handbooks and Guides
  • Employee Education and Training
  • Employee Communication
  • Employee Compensation and Benefit Administration
  • Proper Documentation and File Storage

Non-compliance has the potential for costly fines, penalties or even litigation, all of which equate to headaches that can be avoided by implementing the steps necessary to make certain that your business is either currently in compliance, or adjustments can be made to become compliant.

Pennies invested now for a compliance audit (and peace of mind) can save your business dollars later in fines, penalties or court fees (not to mention heartbreak).