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Branding for Recruiting Success

If your marketing strategy is only focused on the promotion of your products and services, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to improve your competitive edge in the marketplace.  What am I referring to?  The Human Capital of your organization is one of your greatest assets, and some businesses would stop to exist if not for the people working in the company.  This Human Capital is also a competitive advantage when used strategically to outperform your competitors in the market.

To do so, you must be more doing than just marketing your products and services.  You must brand and market your workforce, the organization, the culture, and the benefits of working at your company.  You need to attract and retain the brightest and most skilled workforce available, and your efforts in achieving this goal can be enhanced with the appropriate branding strategy and efforts.  All your company branding should support the process to ensure qualified individuals learn about your open positions, can easily research the company culture, benefits, career paths and growth opportunities, and ultimately make the process of applying to a position simple.

People visiting your website should be able to become part of your email lists of new opportunities, and company updates.  Offering virtual tours of your organization and having current employees provide video testimonials are just a few strategies to enhance your branding that will result in improved talent acquisition practices and initiatives.

Finally, thoughts on branding.  Never lose sight of the fact that your current employees can be your greatest risk to bad information, or your greatest ambassador of good information.  Equip your workforce with tools, resources, links, and information to easily share news and information about your company with their friends, family, professional network, and more.  Provide incentives for success referrals into the organization and incorporate programs into your branding initiatives to empower and engage your workforce as active participants.