Beating the Workplace Winter Blues

As the days shorten and the weather gets colder, it becomes harder to stay motivated. Which leaves many of us some feeling sad or even depressed. There is significantly less sunlight each day which often makes energy and mood levels drop. When this happens, employees seem to have a harder time getting work completed. These “winter blues” can often result in a less productive and engaged staff. 

As an employer, you can’t address all the aspects of preventing the winter blues in your workplace, however, you can take steps to improve your work environment.  Let’s concentrate on your employee’s health this season to beat the blues in the workplace.

Improving your office lighting and adding greenery to the workplace are some small things that may lift your employees spirits during the winter months.  Green office spaces have been shown to boost productivity and reduce stress.  Also, encourage your employees to take a brisk walk outdoors on their work break to take advantage of the limited daylight.  This also allows for a brief mental break to refresh and refocus.  A little exercise will leave your employees feeling recharged and refreshed to be able to focus and preform their work tasks more effectively.

Article Written by Laura Goad, HCM Consultant