The Applicants Perspective on Good versus Poor Interviewers

By Melissa Cook

The applicant’s perspective on good versus poor interviewers is very important and crucial to the interview process because their experience will determine if they believe the company is a good fit for them and their career aspiration.  Here are several mistakes you can make as an employer that result in an applicant perceiving your interview process as poor:

  • Not honest, lack of communication.
  • Unprepared interviewers, not clear on job description.
  • Cannot answer applicant questions relating to the job description.
  • Disrespecting, belittling, or talking down to applicants
  • Failing to listen to the concerns or interests of the applicant.

A candidate has taken time to explore an opportunity with your company, and often will conduct research into your organization and the people that work there.  When an individual is looking for a position and opportunity in a company, they want the interview to demonstrate a level of trust that the company is going to be stable and treat their employees fairly and in accordance with applicable the laws and regulations.  Here are some of the key factors that an applicant will view as a good interview:

  • Good, thorough, honest, open communication.
  • Clearly communicated job description detailing the responsibilities and duties of the position.
  • Ability of interviewer to answer most questions related to the position such as compensation, benefits, culture, work schedule, etc.
  • Personable, understanding, and engaged interviewer with good listening skills.

When an interview is conducted in the best way possible, the outcome will be beneficial to the applicant and the interviewer because information will be exchanged effectively allowing for an informed decision.  This means the employer will have the information they need to make an offer, and the applicant will have the information they need to accept or reject the offer.