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A Healthy Work Environment

What does a healthy work environment mean to you? Being in a healthy workplace does the following things:

  • It continuously improves the productivity of all staff; and
  • If can contribute to reducing the cost of turnover, absenteeism, poor productivity, limited collaboration, and worker’s compensation claims for the employer.

When an employee goes into work, they should feel that it is a good physical work environment with an appropriate space to work, with the ability to collaborate with others feeling safe in the environment.

3 Awesome Strategies for Success:

  • Wellness: An employer can promote more physical activity by encouraging their employees normally sitting at a desk or on their feet all day long to have a weekly program to get them exercising and engaged with their coworkers. The employer should also proactively promote a healthy lifestyle in and out of the workplace.
  • Fair employment practices: The employer needs to be fair to all employees regardless of their role or position with the company. Creating fair policies creates a healthy inclusive culture. A fair environment creates a good opportunity for employees to learn about each other and enhance collaboration. Consistent practices are great for achieving compliance and trust. It is recommended that an employer not only communicate, but train on, the Employee Handbook, human resource Policies and Procedures.
  • Team building activities: Creates a very positive and motivating workplace environment for everyone. Employees get the chance to share their knowledge, ideas, perspectives, and capabilities with their peers, building greater trust and engagement. Collaboration stimulates internal communication across the company, and it enhances productivity.

By employers making it a wonderful, happy, and healthy workplace, employees will work more efficiently and provide outstanding customer service internally and externally driving success. Implementing practices to produce a healthy work environment is not complicated and is rarely a costly initiative.

Article written by Melissa Cook, HR Assistant