3 Strategies to Building an Effective Work Team

By Melissa Cook, Human Resources Assistant

Most of us can recall our own experience in working in an effective team and ineffective team over the course of our life.  People in the workforce today should follow these crucial practices to build and support an effective team; (1) communication, (2) inclusion of diverse capabilities, and (3) adaptability.

Communication is what drives a team. If everyone in the group is communicating effectively, the outcome and work produced is measurably more productive.  Everyone will be aligned, and any misunderstandings can be addressed timely and efficiently because trust is developed. For example, brainstorming and sharing ideas makes everyone in the group comfortable sharing their thoughts because everyone plays a huge part in contributing to the success of the team. Once this is done, they develop an amazing solution to the assignment they are working on, or they identify multiple solutions to solve the problem.

Inclusion enhances trust and expands our view of the world.  Be open to suggestions, don’t automatically shut someone down for their input just because their view is different than yours.  When you have an inclusion of diverse capabilities and perspective, there is generally more innovation, creativity, and unique approaches to solve problems.  When you work with people of various ages, there is an opportunity to learn a variety of points of view enhancing the opportunity to consider all options to arrive at a solution.

Being adaptable is very important not only to a team but to your employer because it demonstrates that you can be flexible.  Adaptability enables you to work under different circumstances while performing your best effective team work.  Overall, to produce the best work and become an effective team, you need to set clear goals, negotiate your disagreements, be willing to listen to others, support a productive work environment, and work with other team members cohesively.  If you execute communication, inclusion, and adaptability, you are well on your way to building a successful and effective team.