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I cannot emphasize enough the positive impact that Warren’s advice and support has had on my business in the six months or so we have been working together. As a small business owner I am expected to wear many hats, sometimes all in the same day and with Warren as an adviser, I know I can reach out anytime (he is incredibly responsive) on HR, payroll, healthcare, etc. and have insightful and reliable guidance. His monthly program is some of the best money I spend every month.

Denise N.
Managing Partner, The Law Office of Denise D. Nordheimer, Esquire, LLC

We have had a great experience with SymbianceHR, LLC as our HR consulting partners! Working with Warren and Jennifer as our HR experts has been a smart decision from the start. We know we are in good hands with their guidance. From helping us with new hires … to helping us finalize our company handbook … to custom consulting services, they are just the best! We wouldn’t be as successful as we are today without their partnership and expertise.

Tara W.
President, Wheeler Home Concepts

I have recommended Warren many times to my clients, all with fantastic results. He takes the time to understand exactly what problem we are trying to solve before getting to work- something I truly appreciate. Warren is incredibly knowledgeable, kind, and always follows through- everything that I look for in a colleague. I highly recommend him!

Tina G.
Chief Number Cruncher & Owner of Accountingprose

We’ve use SymbianceHR, LLC for about a year now and must say they provide outstanding insight and knowledge in the area of HR. They provided hands on guidance helping us write our company policies and in particular special policies demanded by our customers, The fees charged are very reasonable. I would recommend them to anyone needed help on HR issues and general business management as it relates to personnel.

Charlie S.
President of Charles S. Reskovitz, Inc.

I have had nothing but positive experiences with SymbianceHR. Warren is always available to answer my questions and has kept my company compliant since we started working together.

RoAnn T.
Managing Partner

Warren Cook is simply amazing, he reached out to me on LinkedIn and at first I thought it was for a job offer. Then he informed me that he helped with Resumes, I personally thought mine was good but he tore it apart…. but in a good way. Not only did he help me with my resume, he showed me my worth and helped me see things the way no one else does. Also because I was a Military Veteran he did all these services for free. We spoke on numerous occasions and he was always professional and courteous. He was not only a mentor but a true friend. He always made time for me and had more patience then most people I have ever met. Warren Cook is an awesome human being and a true genius and anyone would be lucky to get to work with him.

Michael L.
Transitioning Military Veteran

I must say that of all of the business contacts that I have been blessed to conduct business with, Warren is by far, the most detailed business associate that I have encountered. He certainly is well trained in his field and has the client’s best interest at heart the entire time that he is servicing them.

If you own or manage a business that employs people, then contracting Warren’s services will be one the best decisions that you could make for the welfare of your business.

Rob B.
Business Owner - Gatekeepers

I had the pleasure of working with Warren during my tenure with J&J. Warren was a proven and dedicated business partner to the J&J (Noramco, Inc.) team. Warren was very proficient in employee relations issues, talent acquisition and human capital strategy. He was proactive in his approach to managing human resources strategy. Warren is very professional in style and demeanor.

Gabe L.
Vice President, Human Resources & Talent Aquisition at Astadia

I would like to recommend Warren S. Cook to any individual who is seeking consulting. I recently consulted with Mr. Cook, after reading his articles on LinkedIn.

When speaking to him it was made apparent, swiftly, that he was a knowledgeable professional in his field. He could help identify key issues and create a clear and concise strategy to confront the problems.

Before speaking with Mr. Cook I was unsure of how to address many on the issues I was being confronted with in the workplace, but after speaking to him I was confident in what I needed to do next and I had a concise strategy on how to address the problems.

I personally would recommend Mr. Warren Cook’s services to anyone who is in need of consulting.

Yvonne S.
Compliance Consulting Client

Running a busy, multi-office creative agency is a 24/7 commitment. Even though we have an HR administrator, I knew we needed help on HR compliance and policy alignment issues. Warren and his SymbianceHR team have added enormous value to our firm. Once contracted, they took the time to fully understand our company culture and did a thorough audit of our HR practices, pinpointing only those issues needing attention. We have implemented several new HR policies seamlessly. SymbianceHR’s response time is outstanding, and we are truly delighted, and grateful, to have them as our consulting HR department. We see this as a long term commitment.

Bridget P.
Partner, Gillespiehall

Our company burst on the scene with a group of talent that produced much early success. What we lacked in structure we made up for in enthusiasm. But, as we grew we found it harder to get things done. That’s when I reached out to Warren from SymbianceHR and we began matching talents with roles and responsibilities, creating a more structured organization. As a result, we now have more effective teams and people that are happier and more productive. Our employees now more clearly see the importance we place on them and have been empowered to better contribute to their and our success. . . thanks Warren!

Matt S.
President, AHEC

At 50 years old and 35 years in the same business I needed a change, not having experience in much more than the hospitality industry I needed help in finding a way my experience and knowledge could translate to something else. I was introduced to Warren Cook and he spent his valuable time and expertise in career coaching, resume writing and interview preparation to help me realize what skills I actually have that can be valuable in many ways. He helped me in writing a professional resume, and guided me through an educational and informative session for an interview in today’s world. I would and will recommend Warren to anyone who may be in need of any career seeking help. Warren continues to be an advisor and help as I move forward.

Mike K.
Career Development Client

SymbianceHR very generously offered to partner with the YMCA of Greater Brandywine to develop and deliver job search seminars. As a result, Warren Cook delivered multiple job search seminars at multiple YMCA locations in Philadelphia and Chester County, PA. Warren’s seminars were extremely engaging and the participants found the information quite valuable. Warren took the time to provide personal attention to the participants and answer all of their questions. I highly recommend SymbianceHR for conducting job search seminars and workshops.

Joanne H.
Director of Recruiting, YMCA of Greater Brandywine

It was great working with Warren Cook at SymbianceHR. He taught me how to turn my resume from a job description of my previous positions to one that described the situation, the actions I took, and the results (SAR). It sounds so much better now. He also taught me how to use SAR during my interview and took the time out to coach me prior to a telephone interview. He even gave me some great examples of how to answer certain questions. Finally, I learned to simplify my cover letters, focus on my resume being the sales tool – not the cover letter, and he dispelled the myth that a resume has to be one page. If you read his book, “Applicant Interview Preparation – Practical Coaching for Today”, you will get even more tips.

Raffaela C.
Career Development Client

As I began the navigation process of seeking new employment, I knew that I needed an edge and would require the services of a professional. When I knew I would be looking for a career change, I sought out the services of Warren Cook and SymbianceHR. I would highly recommend Warren Cook and SymbianceHR and the services that they provide. Mr. Cook has provided his skills and professional assistance for things such as career coaching, resume writing and review, and interview preparation. As a Former director of human resources for the state of Delaware, he has considerable expertise and knowledge to be able to help those navigating the job search, and know what to look for before, during and after. He has been great to work with for many reasons such as his timely response, feedback and flexibility. Mr. Cook’s accessibility has been awesome. He has been able to use his vast knowledge and experience in extracting information so vital in creating and fine tuning a resume for today’s world and competitive job market. He has served as an advisor, coach and mentor.

Patricia S.
Career Development Client

I had the pleasure of getting to know and work with Warren on personnel and Human Resource matters in my role as a shop steward for union represented employees. Warren is an exceptional resource in human resource management and direction and is a wealth of knowledge to anyone seeking his assistance, not only in personnel matters but most importantly professional guidance relating to personal growth, development, and career mapping.

Daniel S.
Career Development Client

Warren Cook is an expert in his field with extensive knowledge of human capital strategy, organizational development, research, and statistics to name a few. He is a personable consultant seeking creative solutions to business challenges. He is excellent at strategic thinking, problem solving, diagnosing organizational problems, and offering advanced solutions. Please consider him as an asset to meet your businesses growing and advanced needs.

Misti W.
Business Owner

Warren and I worked together at Comcast. I found Warren to be highly professional with exceptional project management skills. Warren interacted with all levels of management, ensured projects were on track, helped project team members, skilled communicator, and drove projects to on time completion.
Beth Ann G. CEBS, PHR, Director of Compensation and Benefits
Warren demonstrates a strong desire to manage projects through to completion in an efficient manner, while maintaining adherence to policy & guideline. He demonstrates goal-focused action and is a driver to see things through. Warren is a can-do person who I would enjoy having on my team.

Beth Ann G. CEBS, PHR
Director of Compensation and Benefits

Warren demonstrates a strong desire to manage projects through to completion in an efficient manner, while maintaining adherence to policy & guideline. He demonstrates goal-focused action and is a driver to see things through. Warren is a can-do person who I would enjoy having on my team.

David H. CSCP
Operations, Supply Chain, Process Improvement

Warren was instrumental in recruiting qualified and talented people into QS Pharma. As an HR professional, he is the most personable and helpful HR Manager that I have encountered. In addition, Warren has implemented and managed several robust Documentation systems in QS Pharma. The systems are easy to learn and maintain.

Joe M.
Senior Quality Associate

Warren is a tremendously passionate person that builds strong, professional relationships that strengthen occupational environments. Specifically, I have known Warren for 30 years within both academic and professional settings. While Warren embodies fantastic occupational success, his true successes lies within his willingness to help others and drive positive organizational outcomes.

Brett O.
Business Owner and Teacher

Warren is a dedicated and detail-oriented HR professional who takes his job seriously. He’s hard-working and driven and protects his company’s interests. As a client, Warren was always very responsive and accessible. His timely feedbacks and updates allowed us to service him and his company well. Warren is direct, but approachable. He was a pleasure to work with as a client.

Shaila G.
Energetic Sales Professional with Staffing Industry Experience

I had the opportunity to work with Warren when he was at Lincoln Financial Group. Warren is a diligent and tenacious individual who puts everything into every challenge he faces. He has the exceptional ability to thrive in any business environment. He approaches every assignment with dedication and drive to help his fellow employees and company. He provided clear understanding of his company’s goals and desires, which made my job easier to deliver the right products and services.

Tom E.
Vice President Membership Development at DirectEmployers Association