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Engagement Starts with Leadership

If you have ever solicited an employee engagement survey and became surprised at the results you are not effectively demonstrating or holding accountable the right individuals in your leadership and management to achieve the desired results.  Engagement begins with leadership, and ends with the supervisor-employee relationship in which the supervisor is promulgating the culture and information necessary to achieve success.

Generally, the results of a survey reveal similar concerns: pay/compensation, training, growth opportunity, trust, communication, and benefits.  This is no secret, and if you are not aware of the view on these topics from your employees you may not be engaging them adequately, frequently enough, and using the appropriate medium.

Leverage your performance management programs and activities between supervisor and employee to build a more effective relationship with them.  Ensure you are cascading important messaging from leadership to the line staff and taking information back up that path of communication.  Do not assume the workforce understands why you are doing things the way you are, and that they get the long-term strategy and picture just because you post it on a wall or send it out in an email.

Use one-on-one time to only provide performance feedback, but to also solicit concerns, ideas, and recommendations from the employees to help achieve business goals.  The more involved an employee is in controlling their growth and development in the business in addition to how the work is performed, the more committed they are in their execution of the work.

This strategy and behavior must be demonstrated and modeled by leadership with your management team so that everyone observes how it is done effectively.  Empower your greatest asset, your people, and you will achieve a type of success you never imagined possible.